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Bombay is a contemporary city; it is vibrant, cosmopolitan and multicultural. This personality shines through in a cuisine with influences from every corner
of India, even from Portugal. Bombay Budapest restaurant may be 7,412 kilometres away, but the flavours and style are true Bombay.

Bombay is the collective dream of four Indian friends, brought to life in downtown Budapest; a high quality, modern Indian restaurant in the heart of the city. Their passion is to provide an authentic gastronomical experience to every guest, all in a light and contemporary setting. Just like its namesake, the culinary offering of Bombay restaurant is diverse and playful, merging the values of India. Flavors, textures and aromas have been brought to Budapest to showcase the finest in all of Indian gastronomy: variety, excitement and outstanding hospitality!

The ideology of the owners.

“We are sharing a lifestyle, the joy of eating.”
1051 Budapest,
Október 6. Str 17.
+36 (20) 413 0484
Restaurant opening hours:
Monday – Saturday:
11:30 – 0:00
11:30 – 23:00
Kitchen opening hours:
Monday – Saturday:
11:30 – 22:30


11:30 – 22:00